Power Generation

Day 1: Sat. 22 october 2022

Energy Generation and the Climate Change, Pandemic disruption & Decarbonization Environment.
Operational & Economic Aspect under Regulation
Planning, Monitoring, Protection, Maintenance & Operation Management under cybersecurity threat.
Green Energy Conversion Systems
Distributed Energy
Storage Systems
Renewable Integration & Operation
Power Plant Management & Maintenance
Future of Nuclear Power Generation
Hydrogen as energy power vector

Grid Operation, Automation and Management

Day 2: Sun. 23 october 2022

Electricity Market Design & Regularities
Financing Power and Energy Investment
Aging Infrastructure & Asset Management
Advanced Monitoring, Diagnostic and Control Techniques
Integrated Monitoring & Protection
Sensors & Communication Networking for the Future Grid
Operation of Full Automated Grids
Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Electronic Devices
Workforce Development
Smart Cities & Smart Villages
Power and Energy Education

Transmission and Distribution

Day 3: Sat. 24 october 2022

Transmission and Distribution
State of the Art in Power Transmission & Distribution
Future Distribution Network Planning & Operation
Microgrids Integration & Operation
Impact of Climate Change and Pandemic Disruption to T&D
T&D Monitoring, Protection, Automation & Restoration under Cyber and Physical Security
New approach to reduce Distribution Losses
Power Quality Enhancement in Hybrid Distribution Networks
Hybrid Distribution Networks and Power Electronics
Electro Mobility and electric traction
Charging Stations